Our initiatives

In our outreach activities, we allow audiences to meet music in other frameworks. Experience classical music at your housing association, in hospital or at home.

Music inside-out

With Music on the Inside, we turn music inside-out so that you can see it in detail. Taking outset in a single work, we talk about the composer, the period and the structure of the work. All illustrated with musical examples.

Yoga and mindfulness

Through guided yoga exercises, breathing techniques and improvised music, we create space for calm and concentration. We usually hold yoga and mindfulness concerts in the context of improvisation projects, and they are a fixed element in the programme for the music festival: Nørre Vosborg Kammermusikfestival.

House and association concerts

We move out of the concert hall and into the home or into your club/association for informal chamber concerts. As an ambassador for the ensemble, the host’s job is to invite friends, acquaintances, neighbours and residents, who would otherwise never find their way to a concert hall.

Hospital concerts

In collaboration with the Central Denmark Region, Regional Hospital West Jutland, Aalborg University and Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, EMV has developed a musical format for hospital patients. The hospital concerts are part of a health-research project aiming to study the healing effect of music.